Good Argumentative Essay Examples For Students

argumentative essay examples

One of the most common types of essays is an argumentative essay. The goal of an argumentative essay is to convey your opinion on a particular subject and back it up with evidence.

The first step to writing a good argumentative essay is choosing the right topic. Use all possible sources and resources available for inspiration, as well as take into account what kind of essay you're working on - persuasive or informative?

This will ensure that your research includes everything needed so it can be done effectively.

Although writing an argumentative essay requires critical thinking, it also requires a lot of knowledge on the topic.

Luckily for you, we have provided some great example essays below so that all your work will be done quickly.

Argumentative Essay Examples For High School

The following argumentative essay examples should help you craft a flawless essay. The tone of voice and content must be informative for high school students. It will help them impress their teachers and get an A from them.

Argumentative Essay Example For High School (PDF)

Argumentative Essay Example For High School

Argumentative Essay Example For Grade 8 (PDF)

Argumentative Essay Example For Grade 8

Argumentative Essay Examples for 6th Grade

The 6th grade is a perfect time for students to start learning how they can express themselves well in writing. They're interested, enthusiastic, and eager - just like all the best writers.

The writers need to be creative and engaging in their arguments at this level. Thus, they can convince readers of all ages about what is being argued about through persuasive language or logic.

In order to write a successful argumentative essay, it is important that you follow this example and make your writing phase easy.

6th Grade Argumentative Essay Example (PDF)

6th Grade Argumentative Essay Example

Argumentative Essay Examples for 7th Grade

A 6th-grade student and a 7th grader have many similarities in the skills they need for academic success.

Here is an example to help you write a top-notch argumentative essay.

Argumentative Essay Example 7th Grade (PDF)

Argumentative Essay Example 7th Grade

Short Argumentative Essay Examples

The best way to create an argumentative essay is by using facts and evidence. This will help you convince your readers that your opinion should be followed, rather than just relying on personal beliefs or ideas.

The word count for an argumentative essay can vary depending on the audience. It should convince readers and pass on knowledge in order to work well with its intended audience, but there is no specific limit as long as it meets those two requirements.

Below is a great example of how you can make your argumentative essay more interesting.

Short Argumentative Essay Example for High School (PDF)

Short Argumentative Essay Example for High School

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Argumentative Essay Examples College

College-level essays are more complicated than high school essays because they have to include research and argumentation. College students typically do well at this level since they already write several essays on their middle and high school levels.

However, if you need any help, take a look at the example below and know how to write a great essay without any mistakes.

Argumentative Essay Example For College (PDF)

Argumentative Essay Example For College

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5 Paragraph Argumentative Essay Examples

A 5-paragraph essay is a common style for formatting an academic essay. A well-written five-paragraph essay will have an introduction followed by three body paragraphs that include supporting details and conclusions, one more conclusion paragraph at the end.

Let’s discuss these parts in detail.

  1. 1. Introduction

    The essay introduction begins by introducing the topic and providing supporting evidence to back up your main argument.

  2. 2. First Main Body Paragraph

    The first body paragraph should summarize the main point. The body paragraph starts with a topic sentence and includes all of your supporting data.

  3. 3. Second Main Body Paragraph

    The second most important element of the argument is introduced in the second body paragraph. This paragraph will discuss the point that this element introduces.

  4. 4. Third Main Body Paragraph

    This paragraph discusses several points. Uses transitional words or sentences at the end to show a relation to the conclusion.

  5. 5. Conclusion

    The conclusion of an essay wraps up the argumentative essay by reiterating the main points. Restates the thesis statement in a more powerful way.

    Take a look at this example and get to know about it in detail.

5 Paragraph Argumentative Essay Example (PDF)

5 Paragraph Argumentative Essay Example

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How to Start an Argumentative Essay Examples?

In order to start an essay, you need a convincing introduction. It's written to convince readers of the validity and importance behind what you're saying by making them understand where all their information comes from - even if it's just one source.

To support your thesis statement, you will need to add body paragraphs that support your statement.

In conclusion, summarize the key points of your essay without adding new information in this section.

The following example will help you understand the concept better.

Argumentative Essay Example (PDF)

Argumentative Essay Example

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Argumentative Essay Examples MLA

The Modern Language Association (MLA) is a style of formatting used for writing papers in English and the humanities.

Here is an example that will help you write an essay in MLA format.

Argumentative Essay Example MLA (PDF)

Argumentative Essay Example MLA

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Good Argumentative Essay Examples

The argumentative essay is a necessary part of academic life. In order to write an effective one, it's important that you see some good examples of how they're done.

Argumentative Essay Example with Outline (PDF)

Argumentative Essay Example with Outline

Thesis Statement for Argumentative Essay Example (PDF)

Thesis Statement for Argumentative Essay Example

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Tips for Writing the Argumentative Essay

The best way to write a strong, well-written argumentative essay is by following these simple tips.

  • Research your argumentative essay topic thoroughly and identify what claims you want to make about it.
  • Create an outline that organizes all of the information in such a way so they can easily understand.
  • Consider using effective transition words or phrases.
  • The argumentative essay topic of your essay should be something that will make you excited to write.
  • The three most popular ways to structure an argumentative essay are classical, Toulmin and Rogerian. These methods will help you establish a logical flow as well as provide a purpose for your work.
  • The more you study, the better your argument will be. With extensive research comes a broadened horizon and plenty of supporting evidence to back up any claims that are made in an essay.
  • When trying to change someone’s perspective, it's important that you provide them with reliable and credible sources of information. You can't expect people to agree with opposing views unless there is strong evidence for both sides of the argument.
  • The introduction of an essay is important because it gives the reader a sense of what they will be reading.
  • A strong thesis statement should make them want to read your entire work, so keep that in mind when writing.
  • Keep in mind that an argumentative essay is different from a persuasive essay and an expository essay.
  • Discuss your point of view and support your claim with strong words.
  • An argumentative essay is written with good research.
  • You have to be confident and make your point clearly so that the reader knows which side you're on.
  • Support your arguments with facts.
  • Students should avoid discussing controversial topics. It is important to remember that people hold strong personal opinions on these subjects, and you might offend someone if you take a strong stance.

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