Easy Personal Narrative Essay Guide for You

personal narrative essay

Many a times, students are assigned to write personal narrative essays at different academic levels.

Are you having difficulties writing a personal narrative essay? Worry not, for this guide is here to help. In this post, we will explore the basics of personal narrative essays & some tips on how to write them effectively.

So if you're ready, let's get started!

What is a Personal Narrative Essay?

Personal narrative essays are a great way to share your memories with readers. The stories can be anything you want them to and often rely on past experience for inspiration!

These are the moments that make up your life. They're personal experiences or events which have shaped who you are today.

A first-person participle is a versatile tool that can be used for any type of writing. It helps to clearly depict the moments in your story which are focused on.

The narrative essay takes the reader on an interesting journey through time with scenes that are vivid and detailed. The focus is not just about what happened but also how it has impacted other people's lives as well.

Here is a sample that will guide you how a good personal narrative essay looks like!

Playground Memory

Memories of being picked on and bullied in elementary school come back to me as write this paper. There were many times when the larger boys would target me because they felt their egos needed inflating after gym class or recess; it seemed like some sortpickles were planted deep within themselfs where no one could reach  and all too often, those feelings turned inward until there became an obsession with ridicule instead - somethingI experienced first hand during our time together at playtime.

It's been a rough day. From being locked in the bathroom and getting my head stuck between two toilets, to having everyone call me names like "stupid" or laugh when they tell their joke on you - it just isn't fair! But then I thought about what would happen if this went on forever; no one could ever love someone as low-self esteeming as myself so how can anyone else respect them either?

It never fails. The moment you think your life can't get any better, some little brat decides he wants a piece of it and starts bothering me!

The boy had been a bully, and he deserved to suffer. However, the principal did not agree with me on this one – naturally!

My mother was surprised when I called her about the incident. She had always seen me as more of a witness than anything else, and it's not like me to take part in altercations or initiate conflicts with others children but this time around there were no signs that would indicate what might happen next so she just watched helplessly from afar while readying herself for any possible outcome.

In middle school, I dug my nails into a boy's arm and restrained him after he made several verbal attacks towards me. He was much bigger and taller than I am but rage guided the way as well as illogical thoughts that went along with throwing caution to wind in an effort for self-preservation because of how big this guy looked when we first met at our introduction party before everything started turning ugly.

When I started to meditate, my anger was gone in no time. By the age of 19, it had completely disappeared and replaced with a calmness that is hard not to admire sometimes! But what's even more impressive than this transformation?

I learned to meditate daily, and eventually became the person that I wanted. My anger was a temporary solution but not necessary for life's problems in order drag it out through all these years of being peaceful inside!

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How to Write a Personal Narrative Essay?

Sensory details are an excellent way to make a narrative essay more enjoyable for the reader. You can use specific words that heighten your experience, like "the softest silk" & it will have this effect on the readers.

The following are the writing steps for a personal narrative essay:

  1. 1. Choose the Best Topic

    Themes can be as diverse and interesting as the individuals who explore them. The right topic will keep your readers engaged, whether they're looking for advice on how to deal with personal problems.

    Always choose an atopic that is personal and you can write for it easily.

  2. 2. Make the Outline for the Essay

    Essay outlines are a great way to organize your thoughts when you're writing an essay. Make sure that each paragraph starts with its own introduction before getting into more detailed information.

    It’s important to make an outline before writing the essay to write events in chronological order.

  3. 3. Start with a Hook

    The best way to start a personal narrative essay is with an interesting event from your past. It should be eye-catching.

    The opening lines should be interesting so that the reader will get the motivation to read the essay further.

  4. 4. Add Detailed Description in the Body Paragraphs

    The most important thing to do when writing an article is to make your text as captivating and interesting for readers. You can use flowery language in order to achieve this goal by making it bright and colorful.

  5. 5. Use Transition Words in order to Bring Coherence

    Transition words are crucial to any kind of essay because they help the reader smoothly move between different parts.

    Write transition words between different sections and paragraphs of the essay.

  6. 6. Add Emotions

    The tone of voice you use in your paper can make or break it. This is because the reader needs to feel like they are experiencing what's happening with every word. Thus creating an engaging experience for them which will lead into greater understanding.

    Utilize thoughtful words that display how things sound through imagery when possible. In this way, people get more insight than just simply reading facts on a page without any emotional attachment. Therefore, add emotions to your essay by using an emotional tone and the right vocabulary.

  7. 7. Be Consistent

    To be a successful writer, you need to know your topic inside and out. If it's not relevant or if there are too many unimportant ideas in the essay then readers will quickly lose interest. They won't want their time wasted by reading something without any value!

  8. 8. Revise Your Essay

    When you're finally finished with the writing process, take a good look at your essay. Make sure it has everything in order and is perfect before submitting it.

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Personal Narrative Essay Outline

Personal narrative essays are a great way to share your story with others. The following components make up the outline of such an essay:

  • Introduction

    The introduction of your paper should be engaging and creative with details about your life to gain the reader’s attention.

    The thesis statement should be one or two sentences long to ensure that it's clear and concise. This acts as an overview for your entire essay. So make sure this part says what you want in just the right way!

    Finally, let's take a look at how to seamlessly connect one paragraph with another with the help of a transition sentence.

  • Body

    The body paragraphs are like little capsules of information that help to further explain important aspects in an essay.

    The three basic body paragraphs in any narrative essay allow the writer to give point of view on their topic. The time, day and location where the incident happened should also be mentioned within these sections. So that it can have a positive impact for readers with its informative content.

    To create an engaging and interesting story, it's important to keep track of events in a chronological order. This will allow readers to get familiarized with all key characters involved during each time period without feeling lost.

  • Conclusion

    The best way to summarize an essay is by ending it with a summary of what was discussed in the article. This will leave readers feeling like they've gained insight into your topic and learned something new.

    Professional writers focus on ideas that have already been discussed instead of coming up with new ones in conclusion.

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Personal Narrative Essay Examples

Narrative essays allow the reader to get inside someone else's head and see things from their perspective. These types of papers can be found at all levels, including middle school or high-school level.

Here are the example here that you can look upon:

Personal Narrative Essay of 750 words (PDF)

Personal Narrative Essay of 750 words

Personal Narrative Essay About Yourself (PDF)

Personal Narrative Essay About Yourself

Personal Narrative Essay Sample (PDF)

Personal Narrative Essay Sample

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Personal Narrative Essay Topics

You can set the tone of your paper by choosing which prompt you want to use. If you're looking for something creative and interesting, try one of these prompts!

  • A success story experience.
  • An almost-death experience.
  • A memorable summer vacation.
  • Traveling to school through bad weather
  • Failing a class
  • Ending a Relationship
  • The moment that changed your life
  • The happiest memory you have
  • Your favorite childhood teacher
  • My favorite musician or band

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Writing Tips for a Narrative Essay

These are the writing tips for a great narrative essay:

  1. Whether it is an unforgettable event or a memorable experience, we want to hear about your story. Passionately write for our readers and make their day with captivating content!
  2. Write your narrative essay in the order that you want to mention all of its details.
  3. Personal essays are often difficult to get read, but one way that you can make them more interesting and engaging for readers is by starting your essay with a hook sentence. This will help grab their attention right away.
  4. Leave the reader in suspense with your vivid descriptions of action, mood and theme. Give them a feeling for what it's like to be there by using descriptive language.
  5. Properly structure your sentences.

Get inspiration from a story you know well or one that has impacted your life. A personal narrative essay can be used to share what it's like being an individual in society. It tells how others should view diversity within themselves and their own experiences with acceptance regardless of background etc.

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