Best Persuasive Speech Topics for Students

persuasive speech topics

It is always difficult to come up with an interesting topic for a speech, especially one that will persuade your audience. Not only do you need a solid argument but also convincing presentation skills too!

Are you running out of ideas for your persuasive speech? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Check out these top persuasive speech topics that will help you convince your audience to let things work in your way.

Whether you're arguing for or against something, these topics will get your argument started off on the right path. So what are you waiting for? Start thinking about how you can use one of these interesting persuasive speech topics to present a speech for your subject!

Persuasive speeches are given with the intention to convince the audience for taking some sort of action. For instance, the doctor will give a persuasive speech to people about blood donation, etc.

A good persuasive speech will convince the target audience of your point of view when you’ll provide knowledgeable facts for it.

We have provided a list of persuasive speech topics on which you can write your speech. Pick a topic that interests you.

Persuasive Speech Topics for Students

Here are some great speech ideas that you can use to convince your audience. Pick any one of these for a convincing speech:

Persuasive Speech Topics for Kids

  • The negative effects of video games
  • 10 reasons to adopt a pet
  • How to overcome shyness and social anxiety?
  • Do exam results really matter?
  • Social media benefits and risks for youngsters
  • Driving tests should be free
  • Mental health should be taught in public schools
  • Technology and teenagers
  • Impact of music videos on youth and children
  • Importance of teachers in our society

Persuasive Speech Topics for Grade 4

  • Money is the best gift.
  • Children shouldn’t receive pets as gifts.
  • Style and hygiene are important for professional success.
  • All shops and offices should close on Sundays.
  • Talk shows can be educational.
  • Art and music should be essential parts of any school curriculum.
  • Extracurricular activities are essential for high school students’ future.
  • School meals don’t have to be delicious as long as they’re healthy.
  • We should allow kids to believe in Santa.
  • Fairy tales are good for young children.

Persuasive Speech Topics for Teens

  • How can a teacher improve a college student's presentation skills?
  • How to solve challenging math problems?
  • The benefits of having a part-time job
  • How to write a better speech title?
  • The problems of free time activities
  • Which sports are best to keep you healthy?
  • Why is being popular not a good thing?
  • Do schools assign too much homework?
  • The positive effect of spending a year as an exchange student
  • How to deal with global warming?

Persuasive Speech Topics College

  • Freedom is the ultimate human right.
  • Vegetarianism is not a healthy lifestyle.
  • Online slang is an important part of youth culture.
  • Life on Mars is possible.
  • Influencers are unfitting role models for girls.
  • Children need private space just as adults do
  • Obsession with diets is dangerous.
  • Ten reasons why people should play games on cell phones.
  • Atlantis didn’t exist the ultimate proof.
  • School uniforms should be a must.

Persuasive Speech Topics for University Students

  • Starting a successful business with no money
  • Are introverts better entrepreneurs?
  • Employers shouldn’t ask questions related to an employee’s personal life
  • How can a mentor affect your success as an entrepreneur?
  • Employers asking for their employees’ social media accounts. Is it right or wrong?
  • Understanding your position in the market. How can it affect your current and future business plan?
  • Using feedback from unhappy customers to enhance your sales
  • Social media is going to affect your marketing plan
  • The value of unorthodox business ideas
  • Why should you go after your passion in business?

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Persuasive Speech Topics 2022

  • Being untidy doesn’t make you creative or special
  • Electric cars are just as harmful to the environment
  • Seniors shouldn’t have the right to vote
  • Depression is overrated and we all have to deal with it
  • Bitcoin and other digital currencies are the future
  • We are living better than ever, but we still complain
  • Most businesses advertise the same way and lack boldness
  • Racism will always exist no matter how hard we try
  • The world needs younger politicians, not 70-year-olds
  • The prison system doesn’t create better humans

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Persuasive Speech Topics for Presentation

  • Why are professional athletes paid so well
  • Proper research is needed to write a short essay
  • Can a movie persuade you with something you don’t believe in?
  • Getting a driving license: Is one test per a lifetime enough?
  • Can the government promote non-college education for a higher income?
  • Should there be separate classrooms for boys and girls?
  • Can family history make children more prone to stress and anxiety?
  • A student’s grade: Is it a fair method of evaluation?
  • Businesses have a serious obligation towards protecting the environment
  • Why is soccer the most popular sport in the world?

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Persuasive Speech Topics Easy

  • We should do more to end poverty and world hunger.
  • People should not text while driving.
  • More recycling should be encouraged.
  • Celebrities who break the law should receive stiffer penalties.
  • Children should be offered incentives for doing right, rather than punishment for wrongdoing.
  • Teachers should pass a basic exam every few years to renew their certification.
  • Money can’t buy love or happiness.
  • Cities should offer free bike-sharing programs.
  • We should value the elders in our society and learn from their wisdom.
  • People should eat less junk food.

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Good Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Cancer is the most important disease that doctors should research now
  • Spending money to explore space is going to improve life for humans
  • How can science be used to improve the lives of physically challenged individuals?
  • Using genetically modified foods is bad for our health
  • Coming up with guidelines that control stem cell research
  • The scientific world is changing way too fast
  • Tablets for birth control
  • Human beings should depend more on renewable energy
  • How your diet can cause the onset of different health conditions
  • The power of crystal healing can improve our mental and physical health

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Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

  • “Be a musician,” they said, but nobody came to my gig
  • Blaming your younger sibling for the mess you made
  • Jokes help people heal from mental traumas
  • Which music is your mind playing in the background during intense situations?
  • I have plans for the weekend! sleep and watch movies
  • Just because we have opinions doesn’t mean they are valuable
  • You did do something wrong? blame it on your zodiac sign
  • Putting an Instagram filter on your selfie doesn’t make you a photographer
  • Why are skinny jeans for men even a thing?
  • Why do stuff when you can play video games?

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Public Speaking Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Learning from your mistakes
  • Social media affects people’s self-image and self-esteem
  • School days should start later in the day
  • Competitive sports teach us a lot about life
  • Texting while driving should be illegal
  • Using single-use plastic containers should be banned
  • Living underwater: A reality or science fiction?
  • Brilliant ways to make money in the 21st century
  • Who is a hero? What are the “heroic” qualities?
  • Spending time with your grandparents

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Environment Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Should there be stricter laws for protecting endangered species?
  • We should keep our community clean.
  • Should only native plants be grown in gardens?
  • Hybrid cars are good for the environment.
  • More people should carpool or use public transportation.
  • We should use algae to make oil instead of drilling.
  • Why we shouldn’t use disposable diapers.
  • Should the U.S. limit the use of natural resources?
  • Why hydraulic fracturing should be banned.
  • How pollution is negatively affecting humanity.

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Persuasive Essay Speech Topics About Animals

  • Genetic modification of livestock is unethical or potentially dangerous for humans
  • Giving drugs to cows to increase their milk is advantageous – right or wrong?
  • Monkeys are more intelligent than other mammals
  • Have your pet spayed or neutered.
  • Medical animal testing is justifiable
  • Human activities are responsible for the extinction of many animals
  • Mating of two different species of animals is morally wrong
  • Human beings are crueler to animals than necessary
  • Licensed game hunting should be banned as nature has a way of balancing the population of animals in the wild
  • Human beings have no moral responsibility to care for the animals

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Unique Persuasive Essay Speech Topics

  • School attendance should be optional.
  • Why should your parents let you attend the concert of your favorite music band?
  • Electronic mail is compared to the traditional one. Which one is better?
  • Citizenship income should be adopted by every state.
  • Is having a pet waste of resources?
  • Santa’s policies are largely discriminating.
  • Capital punishment pros and cons.
  • The young only think about money. Do you agree?
  • Kids should be brought up in a stricter manner.
  • Friends count as much as a family.

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Mental Health Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Peer pressure is the cause of a lot of mental problems during the teenage years
  • Phobias of children, teens, and adults. What are the similarities and differences?
  • Are family traditions important?
  • When is it right to give children medications to overcome mental issues?
  • Should social media be censored?
  • Should animal sacrifice be legal if it occurs in a religious context?
  • Should prisoners be allowed to vote?
  • Suicide among teenagers. Is the media affecting it?
  • Should schools offer science classes explicitly about mental health?
  • Studying psychology stresses students

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Business Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Every business person needs a mentor.
  • Employers shouldn’t ask questions related to an employee’s personal life
  • You must have a business plan.
  • You should send past clients thoughtful gifts.
  • You should take full advantage of social media for your business.
  • Word of mouth is still the best way to get you, new clients.
  • In business, you must always deliver an experience too.
  • The customer is not always right.
  • You should not start a business you are not passionate about.
  • Always trust your instincts, even in business.

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Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Using a mouthwash after brushing your teeth is essential for your dental health
  • Everybody should be an organ donor.
  • Diet beverages do not actually make you lose weight
  • Everyone needs dentistry insurance.
  • Is biohacking good for your health?
  • Everyone should donate blood.
  • Non-smokers should be first on the organ transplant lists
  • Food allergy can manifest in behavior issues.
  • Do cell phones affect our brains?
  • Food allergy is a disease.

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Video Games Persuasive Speech Topics

  • What do you think about gaming franchises?
  • Children who play video games have faster responses
  • Do first-person shooters make people react quicker?
  • How will gaming look 10 years from now?
  • Are video games good or bad for the average person?
  • Virtual reality affects people’s perceptions
  • Do we need computer games in today’s society?
  • Living without computers is impossible
  • What will gaming look like 10 years from now?
  • A video game can be the easiest way to teach kids

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Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Children should be first on organ transplant lists.
  • It is not possible for doctors to treat a person going through poor cognitive development with the same effect that psychological counseling can do.
  • Clinical psychology is capable of treating a patient going through excessive alcoholism.
  • It is almost impossible to detect early blood cancer for doctors as there is a rise in red blood cells in the early stage of cancer which can also increase naturally.
  • Computer use is the reason for those repetitive strain injuries.
  • Isolation is the best way to prevent the spread of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus MRSA infections.
  • Human fetal tissue research will help patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Do not be afraid of biotechnology developments.
  • Solve asthma by improving air quality.
  • How a donation helps your local Alzheimer’s charity.

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Scientific Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Developing unique guidelines for effective scientific embryonic stem cell research
  • Scientific inventions of all the time
  • Food that has been genetically modified is not suitable for human consumption
  • Alternative energy sources in the place of fossil fuels
  • The need to restrict how many kids every US family in China should have
  • Most plane accidents are mostly linked to terrorism
  • Science and religion can never come into terms
  • A country’s economic success is dependent on its scientific achievements
  • Animal testing should be illegalized
  • Using Plastic bags in grocery stores should be banned

Hopefully, this list of great persuasive speech topics will help you understand what makes for an effective compelling topic. Choose a topic from here and convince your listeners.

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