Start Writing Your PR with this Great Press Release Example

press release example

Press releases are a great way of getting your name out there and making an impact. But when you're working on one, don't forget the little details like format or tone - they can make all difference in how well it will be received by the readers!

Are you in charge of writing a press release for your business? If so, it's important to ensure that you write the best one possible. With a little creativity and research, you can make your press releases stand out from the rest.

A well-written press release can help you generate publicity for your company and increase awareness among potential customers. To help you get started, here are great press release examples that you can use as a guide.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a way for an organization to share information with the news media and beyond. Whether it be called by its name: "News Release," or just plain old 'release', this document ensures that all relevant parties know what's going on in your company.

When a company releases new products, it is important for them to have clear communication with their audience. This way, people know what's going on and can decide whether or not they want the product before buying.

The goal of a press release is not just to share information with journalists, but also to have enough material for news outlets & stories about whatever the company announced in their releases.

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Press Release Examples

With our variety of templates, you can easily promote your company with a press release. Whether it's to announce the launch date for new products or partnerships within your organization - we've got something that will suit any occasion!

Press Release Example Template

The template also offers creative replacements for the traditional press release and a guide on how to create an effective promotional plan.

Press Release Example Template


[Company Name]
[Contact Name]
[Phone Number]
[Email Address]


[Optional Subhead {*Title Case / Italicized*}]

Dateline: [CITY, STATE, Month Date] Summarize the information that you want the audience to know about your business or products.

Body Paragraphs: (contains background information, quotes from the higher authorities,etc)


(Call to Action)


You don't have to use buzzwords or branded terms in your press releases, but it is important that they are interesting. The tone of voice should be simple and informative!

Here is a collection of PR examples. We have presented you with examples for almost every type of situation. Check out the samples here:

Press Release Example for Event

A PR for an event contains all the details of the event, the major personalities taking part in it and what are going to be the crux of event.

Check out this PR of an event, this can help you release news for your iown business event:

First day at Pol'and'Rock Festival

The Most Beautiful Festival in the World has a reputation of being an idyllic place for those who appreciate free speech and non-traditional values. Attendees often refer to this event as their "home" because they can be themselves here without any restrictions or judgment, unlike other festivals which sometimes have rules about what you wear (or don't).

Renaming it did nothing at all - instead Mpwapwa continues on with its legacy from back then when hippie ideals guided people's lives: peace, love & friendship!

The founder and creative director of the festival, Jurek Owsiak appeal to people in front of a packed venue. He told them that they were gathered together for one cause: To build an open society based on mutual trust and respect among each other as well their own communities at large!

The Żary dialect of language is one that cannot be translated into any other. Each word has its own distinct meaning, and for this reason it's a great place to visit if you want something more than just an average experience at your destination!

The first day of this festival unfolded under the scorching sun - as five stages thrummed with music and messages from NGOs. People were eager to learn more about third sector organizations like Amnesty International, Greenpeace ,One Billion Raising, etc.

There's so much to do at AFA! From learning about different cultures through workshops, performances and discussions with inspiring public figures like Jacek Fedorowicz or Dorota Wellman - who both speak on behalf of the deaf community- you'll never run out ideas for what could be next. And if not? There are 75+ NGOs working hard right here in this beautiful place that needs all our support because we can make a difference together.

Here are some more press release examples for students:

Press Release Example for Product Launch

You can help of a professional press realse written for the launch of your new product. In this way, a lot many people will get to know about your invention.

Check this great example of a presss release of a Turkish product:


In 2022, TOOG will be Europe's first non-conventional battery electric SUV manufacturer. Not only does it have a BEV engine with zero emissions but also features the longest wheelbase and most spacious interior among other best in class elements to make this vehicle an all round winner!


Turkey’s automotive industry is moving forward with a born-electric platform that was developed by TOGG engineers and designers. The intellectual property rights for this project are 100% owned by the Turkish government, ensuring they have an exclusive hold on its future development as well!

After evaluation of over 100 different themes, the team selected one exterior and interior design from each shortlisted house to be tested with potential car buyers in Turkey. The results were also evaluated by TOGG Design on engineering compatibility before Italian design house Pininfarina was chosen as a strategic partner for 3D designing phase which kicked off after these stages.


The Turkey automobile industry is set to improve the user experience not only by being electric, connected and smart but also demonstrating innovative technologies.

The "Holographic Assistant" will offer an innovative approach to car technology. It's been developed with advanced eye tracking algorithms and 3D imaging technologies, which provide users a much greater experience than what is possible through traditional virtual displays panels in cars today . The assistant helps drivers stay safe on their roads while also providing access for all other information about the environment around them- including hazards that may arise! With augmented reality enhanced visuals combined together , this new system could make navigating easier even when you're not sure where things are located at first glance.

Music Press Release Example

Like for other kinds of businesses, a press release for the launch of new music album is great. A well-written PR can help the artists gain more audience. Thus, they can ear more this way.

Here is an example that will tell you exactly how you can write a PR for a music album or a new song.


Dua Lipa made her debut on the famed SNL stage as musical guest this past weekend, continuing to expand across North America. The singer will next appear with host Natalie Portman during an Ellen DeGeneres Show appearance later in February!

Dua Lipa is an unstoppable force in music, currently holding the top two spots on two different charts! Her single “New Rules” has topped out RPM's U.S Top 40 chart at #1 while also climbing up to 8th place globally for her latest hit "IDGAF." And don't forget about how successful it was when she released this track just last month—with over 36 million monthly listeners across all platforms Spotify included--making Dula one of their most streamed artists ever.

Dua Lipa is coming to your town soon with her brand new album and heading out on tour! This month, the singer will be finishing up in America after selling out all of these shows. On January 15th she added another one for February 12th at The Hollywood Palladium so make sure you get tickets before they sellout again like last time (they did!). Her self-titled U.S headlining trek has been going strong since October 2017 but now it's ending sooner than expected--her final performance takes place tomorrow night.

Amazon Press Release Example

These days popular brands and online shopping stores use a press release to gain more attention of their customers. Similarly, you can also enhance your business with the help of a well-established press release.

Read out this example to get more ideas what to exactly include in your new release.

Amazon Fashion Introduces a More Convenient

Way to Shop with Virtual Try-On for Shoes

Customers can now visualize how a pair of shoes will look on themselves from every angle, whether they're in the comfort or privacy at home with Virtual Try-On for Shoes. This innovative mobile experience uses augmented reality and 3D models to provide an interactive shopping tool that allows shoppers not only see what their outfits would be like when paired together but also gives them access all recent styles available through Amazon Fashion including New Balance, adidas etc

Customers with an Amazon shopping app can use Virtual Try-On for Shoes to visualize thousands of sneaker styles from brands including New Balance, adidas and Reebok. Once they select a shoe you'll be able point your camera at the product detail page so see how it will look on before buying!

Customers are offered an immersive, virtual experience where they can easily move around and see how the shoe looks from every angle before finally making their purchase. Customers have even more options when it comes to sharing with friends; if desired, customers may take pictures of themselves in front of this display or post images on social media by clicking “Share” for others who might be interested!

Find your next fashion favorite with the help of Amazon Fashion! With a wide range of designer brands and affordable prices, you're sure to find something for any occasion.

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Danielle Sirianni |
Source: Amazon Fashion

Promotion Press Release Example

A good press release can help you promote your product in the best way possible. Just hire an efficient writer that can write the best PR for you.

Check out this example it will tell you what to write when you want to promote your business or a product.

Samsung Electronics Hosts Its FirstEver 6G Forum To Explore the NextGen Communications Technologie

This year, Samsung is hosting its first-ever 6G Forum scheduled for May 13th. You can register online and learn all about what's happening in our industry!

The future of communications is here and it's about time we discuss how these new technologies will shape our world. The Samsung 6G Forum, under the theme ‘The Next Hyper-Connected Experience for All’ brings together leading global experts from academia as well industry in this area who have been researching what changes await us by 2030 when there'll be even more change than ever before!

This year's IoT Kongo Gumi Event will be a huge event, with sessions being broadcasted live online via Samsung’s YouTube channel. The first session consists of talks by the participating experts and then they are followed up by an engaging panel discussion where you can learn more about what these brilliant people have made possible!

The forum is coming up and you should definitely check out the website ( for more information! You can register online from April 13 to May 13, email notifications will be sent when there are updates on schedule or questions left unanswered in advance of each session so that everyone has ample time prepare their responses if they choose too .

Samsung 6G Forum Schedule

The morning session of the Samsung 6G Forum will feature opening remarks by Sebastian Seung, President and Head of Research at Semiconductor Company Incorporated (Samsung). In-depth expert talks on "6th Generation Air Interface" are scheduled for 9 am - 12:10 pm KST each day with topics including wireless internet speed improvements over current 4g LTE networks; new radio technologies that could lead to higher bandwidths or lower power requirements in future smartphones & tablets devices.

Afternoon Session – Intelligent Network for 6G (1:10pm4:20 PM KST)

The afternoon session will feature a compelling talk by Tarik Taleb on Intelligent Network for 6G. This event is being hosted at the University of Oulu in Finland, where he serves as professor and chairperson for its Center For Wireless Communications Research (CWC). After his presentation attendees can go downstairs into what's called "the lounge," which has been set up with food catering services just like any other place you'd want to hang out during your visit - but instead of alcohol or coffee there are only soft drinks available here!

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How to Write a Press Release

To break an important news story, it's best to write a press release. Here is how you can do that like a pro!

  • 1. Write a Captivating Press Release Headline
  • The headline is the most important part of your press release. A good, catchy title can make or break a document that has been carefully planned and prepared for distribution across various media outlets.

    Try to keep the headline short, to the point and use action verbs for it. If you create a good headline then you can write a winning PR.

  • 2. Write About How the News is Valuable
  • To be newsworthy, a press release has to give readers an interesting reason for caring.

    Make your press release as easy-to-understand and captivating for readers. Use the inverted pyramid structure to write down the important details. By starting with the most important information on the top and the least relatable info at the end.

  • 3. Write Appealing Quotes
  • Include quotes in the text to amke it more valuable. In order to get the most accurate and detailed quotes, we ask that you gather input from key stakeholders in your company including executive team members or project leads.

  • 4. Write Important Background Details Related to the Subject
  • You can use this last paragraph to wrap up any loose ends and provide more detail on what your company has planned.

    Narrate the details of the event so that it can add more worth to your press release essay.

  • 5. Talk about ‘What’ and ‘Who’ in the Boilerplate
  • Write what your company is going to do in short and simple sentences. You can also add a link of your company’s website.

    Citing data is very important! Make sure you include a reference link and every name in the release has an associated title or company.

Press Release Format

Here is the format that you need to follow in order to write a good press release for your business:

  • Write ‘for immediate release’ and contact details & information at the top right corner of the page.
  • Write the title and italicize all the subheadings.
  • Talk about your location in the opening sentences of the news release.
  • Write all the details in two to three paragraphs. Also, narrate the quote of the spokesperson in these body paragraphs.
  • Write down the facts & figures in bullet points in your press statement.
  • Mention the description of the company at the bottom.
  • (###) Use this at the last to end your news release writing.

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Tips for Publishing Your PR

If you want your press release to be seen by the most people possible, then it's time for some serious distribution.

The best way is through online media outlets and offline publications that focus on niches related directly or indirectly with yours!

To maximize your potential for success with a press release, these are some helpful tips to follow:

  • Target Specific Journalists
  • Personalized messages are much more powerful than generalized press releases. It's worth investing time in sending personalized emails to targeted audiences rather than blasting out information.

    You can stand apart from other companies doing similar things by being unique and interesting!

  • Send Your PR to the Top Journalists on Time
  • Give journalists a chance to craft an article around your press release by sending it a few days before its official release.

    The journalist can’t share the information with anyone until the PR is released officially.

  • Don’t Publish PR on the Hour
  • It's important to avoid publishing your press release at times when it might cause confusion. For example, do not schedule your PR news article for 1 p.m., 3 pm or 5 pm because these are busy hours and most people publish their press releases in these hours.

  • Add Media Coverage
  • It's important that you don't relax until the media has picked up your release and given it its own coverage.

    Share the great news with your social media followers! You can also send an email to all of those who follow you.

We hope this guide is wonderful and will help your write the best to enhance your business. Additionally, you can take help from the professional writers of

They have expert writers who will write your press release and will aid to gain more customers for you. Contact us today to get professionally written PRs from us!

Frequently Asked Question

What does 3 hashtags mean?

Three number signs ‘###’, typically found in the center of press releases or underneath body copy indicate that there is no further text to come.