Basics to Craft the Best Thesis Statement with Examples

thesis statement

A thesis statement is what shapes and expresses your main point in a way that makes it compelling enough for readers but also simple enough. So they'll understand exactly where you stand on every issue related to this topic - which will hopefully encourage them too!

In order to write an introduction for your paper, you need a thesis statement. This is the most important part of essay writing and should not be skipped over without care or consideration as it defines what exactly will happen throughout all other parts in detail (the goal).

Writing an academic paper can be difficult and time-consuming. This blog will teach you how to write a thesis statement that sums up your whole essay topic.

What is a Thesis Statement?

“Thesis Statement Definition”

A good thesis statement is like a signpost that points you in the right direction. It's not just an introduction and should close every paragraph with clarity on where we are as readers of this work!

Three major parts of this statement include:

  • A limited subject
  • An opinion of the subject
  • Reasons supporting the subject

A statement of fact is a clear, concise, and straightforward way to describe what you plan on discussing in your paper. It specifically talks about the topic so that readers can follow along with ease while reading through an essay or research paper without getting lost!

It is important to summarize the argumentative thesis statement when writing a paper so that you can capture reader interest. It will also help them understand what their point of view on a certain topic is, by a glance!

How Long is a Thesis Statement?

The strength of a statement is that it should be clear. There are different lengths for these types of sentences, but they should not be longer than 2 sentences or 40 words in total. This way, people will know what you are trying to say with your argument about the topic.

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Types of Thesis Statements

Following are the two types:

  1. 1. Direct Thesis Statement
  2. It is like a recipe for your essay. It is written in plain language. Writing in plain language will make it simpler for the reader to understand. The reader knows what they are reading and where they are in relation to this topic.

    For Example

    “Excessive contact with others and less use of sanitizers is a cause of Covid-19.”

  3. 2. Indirect Thesis Statement
  4. An indirect thesis statement is a way to make your work interesting. It says things that are not about the topic but then changes to what it is about. This makes people think that their input matters and they can relate to the idea in some way.

    For Example

    “Excessive contact with others and less use of sanitizers cause death.”

    In this sentence, we are not clear about the main cause of death or health condition by looking at it.

Topic Sentence vs. Thesis Statement

Below is a comparison of a topic sentence and thesis statement for you to understand better:

Thesis Statement Topic Sentence
A thesis statement is a sentence that says what you are trying to say in one sentence. It should be an important part of every academic paper and essay because it tells readers what you will explore in the rest of your document. The topic sentence gives us the main idea of the body paragraph. It tells us what we're going to talk about. It can be used with other paragraphs, and it helps people understand what we're talking about better.

Final Comment

A strong thesis statement helps you distill your ideas and makes them relevant to one another, whereas topic sentences provide essential background information before delving into more detailed discussions.

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How to Write a Thesis Statement?

It's important to write a thesis statement that reflects what you want and expect from this research project while also being creative enough for an interesting read!

Here are the steps to write a perfect thesis statement:

  1. 1. Find your Research Question
  2. The first step to a successful research paper is figuring out what answer you want for the given question. The assignment prompts are a great way to find creative, interesting sources of information for your college paper. You can even write the question yourself and then turn the statement out of it!

  3. 2. Search for the Answer
  4. Researching and formulating a convincing answer to your research question is very important. To answer your research question, you need to do some research. It will be the key that unlocks all of those juicy secrets. When you are researching, make sure to keep notes on what you read or write for future papers.

  5. 3. Aid your Answer
  6. When we use evidence to support what we say, we know that it can change. But because thesis statements help give coherence among different sections and also provide direction for future writings. It is important to be clear from the beginning until the end. They are especially important to support your thesis statement.

At then, it is also mandatory to revise the thesis or any academic assignment you have written.

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Thesis Statement Examples

Following are some thesis statement examples for your consideration:

  • It is important for teachers to tell students of high school the difference between illegitimate and authentic news. As digital literacy grows, more people are spreading misleading or deceiving information.
  • Companies should do more to help their employees. For example, they can support them with rights and comfort so that they have a better work/life balance.
  • Some people say that it is wrong to kill someone. Others say that mercy killing is good for people who are in too much pain and struggle to live.
  • Fashion magazines are changing, and they bring different groups of people. They have not broken the stereotype that thin bodies are healthy. Social media is also a great source of it now.

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Thesis Statement Writing Tips

Following are the tips that must be kept in mind while writing:

  • Be Specific
  • A weak thesis can be misleading. When you have a strong one, make sure to clarify your main idea in order for the reader to understand everything clearly and concisely.

  • Make it Clear
  • To write a good thesis statement, be clear. Use simple words instead of fancy words. If your topic is technical, use technical words.

  • Address an Issue
  • You should write about a topic from your point of view. Give details and support them with evidence.

  • Be Authentic
  • Don't just say the same thing that has been said a million times. Do not repeat the same idea. Say something new and interesting.

It's your chance to show people what you know! Every paper needs a thesis statement. It helps you understand what point you're trying to make and how well-grounded that information seems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is important for your essay. Without one, it might not make sense. Moreover, a reader will not know what you are trying to say in your essay if there is no clear thesis statement.

What are the three qualities of a good thesis statement?

Following are the three qualities of a good thesis statement:

  • Precision
  • Arguable
  • Forcefulness