Best Thesis Statement Examples For All Academic Grades

thesis statement examples

If you find yourself struggling to come up with a strong, original thesis statement for your paper, then it's likely that this will also be one of the weaknesses in terms of writing ability.

When creating arguments and making points during essay writing, make sure they have solid evidence behind them. So people believe what has been written without question or doubt; otherwise, there is no good argument!

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In order to come up with an analytical thesis statement, you have to look at what kind of examples are available. Explore our list below and know how it’s done properly so that your work will not fall short in quality!

What is a Thesis Statement?

The thesis statement should answer any question or claim posed by the paper's topic, argument. It is not just an interesting one-sentence summary of your body paragraph. It also sets forth what you're going to say in more detail!

The introduction of an essay should contain a clear and precise thesis statement. This helps you set the tone for what follows, so it's important not only in writing but also in speaking or teaching arguments as well!

An argumentative thesis statement is important for your essay. Without one, it might not make sense. A reader will not know what you are trying to say in your essay if there is no solid thesis statement.

Fundamental Elements of Thesis Statement

Here are the basic elements of it:

  • The main idea of the topic
  • Give reasons to choose your idea
  • Counterargument
  • Evidence to support your idea

The goal of a good thesis statement is to have an opinion and make the reader think about what they learned while reading. You should also consider how others might react in light of your research, writing skills as well as any other knowledge.

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Thesis Statement Examples for Research Paper

Here is a list of thesis statements for thesis and research papers. You can use them as inspiration or guidance when writing your own paper, but these should not be copied as it is from here.

  • Exams are not a good way to measure what students know and can do. The exam should not be allowed because there is no other way to tell how good the student knows or can do something.
  • People don't want the government to have their information, and they don't want the government to know what they do on the Internet.
  • Different campaigns and magazines have tried to make people see different kinds of bodies as healthy. But it will take time for the change to happen.

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Thesis Statement Examples for Essay

Now you know the importance of having a thesis statement in an academic paper. Here are some good examples for various kinds of essays, as well as tips on how best to implement them into your work!

When it comes to writing, every student has their own ideas and preferences. Some may enjoy the sound of written words as much as others do. However, there are many examples below for your reference!

Thesis Statement Examples of Middle School Essay

  • The government should not put a heavy tax on the purchase of cigarettes. Instead, they should ban them so people can't buy them.
  • Hurricanes can be really bad, and we need to do everything we can to stop them. There are some things that we can do, like buy wind-resistant windows and have a supply of dry food.
  • Studying abroad might sound expensive, but the benefits are worth it. You will learn about other cultures and how they teach. It is totally worth it.

Thesis Statement Examples of College Essay

  • Blue-collar workers and coal miners who are having a hard time finding jobs should be trained in new skills. This will help their local economy, as well as solve the issues of unemployment.
  • Doctors save lives. They deserve to get the best salary because they work hard. It is important to make sure that they are paid well for their work.
  • Abortions should be legalized. It is important that women have the freedom to make decisions about their bodies. There may not be any other solutions to this problem.

Thesis Statement Examples of Argumentative Essay

  • University athletes should get paid for what they do. They work hard, and it helps the school's reputation.
  • Mercy killing or assisted suicide should be allowed in all countries. Doctors should take care of the patients at the end of their lives.
  • Uniforms are meant to make everyone look the same and be unified. But schools should not force students to wear them because it limits their freedom of expression and is a violation of human rights.

Thesis Statement Examples for Informative Essay

  • Digital literacy skills are important for kids to know how to tell the difference between fake news, propaganda, and legitimate news.
  • In the beginning, feminism was supposed to be used as a weapon for supporting equal rights and not for proving that women were better than men. In a literal sense, feminism is all about snatching equal rights, not about proving gender imbalance.
  • Sex education should be taught in schools. It should include the discussion of consensual sex to reduce the number of sexual assaults.

Thesis Statement Examples for Compare and Contrast Essay

  • People think Pepsi is the same as Coke. But Pepsi tastes different and has different nutritional content.
  • Harassment is when someone says something to you without you wanting them to. But two people who study this, Vaughan Feary and Edmund Wall, have different ideas about how they see cases of sexual harassment.
  • High school and college are different in many ways. One difference is that high school students are less mature than college students.

Thesis Statement Examples for Persuasive Essay

  • Beauty pageants should not be on TV because they emphasize different ideas about women. They make girls wear clothes, judge them, and then broadcast it to the world.
  • Jelly and bean sandwiches are the best kind of sandwiches. They are easy to make, they taste good, and they don't fall apart.
  • The artists who support feminism should have a political position and voice to use their power for the betterment of society. They should talk about it when they do art too.

Thesis Statement Examples of Narrative Essay

  • A vegan diet is healthy for you, but it can cause problems when traveling. When you are in another country, make sure you eat what they eat because your body needs food to grow.
  • There is no problem with people who don't want to have children. It is not about what other people think; it’s about what she wants for her life.
  • Cyberbullying is happening a lot, and it is making teens very sad. Parents should take extra care to limit the use of their child's phone, so they can stop this problem.

Thesis Statement Examples of Expository Essay

  • Wearing uniforms might cost more, but it can make the school a better place. The students will not have to worry about being different from each other because everyone is wearing the same clothes.
  • In a typical high school, a student spends time studying, going to classes, and doing other things with their friends.
  • The United States spends more money on its military budget than all the other industrialized countries combined.

Thesis Statement Examples of Literary Essay

  • The story of an hour tells how language, institutions, and appearances can make women feel like they don't have power.
  • The idea of the nuclear family should be changed. The normal family should not be limited and defined to two-parent households.
  • In the book ‘Paul’s Case,’ adults might have been having suicidal thoughts, and this could have been fixed.

Thesis Statement Examples of Cause and Effect Essay

  • If you want your business to grow, make sure your team is diverse. This will make people work together better and come up with new ideas.
  • There are more people getting divorced now. They do this because of communication problems, changing social values, and not meeting expectations.
  • People who work in coal mines need to be retrained. They can learn about technology and renewable energy. This will help improve the economy. It also means people will have jobs again because the unemployment rate will go down.

Thesis Statement Examples of Rhetorical Essay

  • The author has tried to make an argument in favor of guns, but he has made it emotional and not factual.
  • This writer's tone is sarcastic. This may not make people agree with all of his arguments because he is being mean.
  • Some people say that the book "Lean In" only talks about privileged working women. But other people say it would be unfair to only talk about these women when there are other women who are not so privileged and do not earn as much money.

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