9 Types of Essay with Definitions and Expert Examples

types of essay

Teachers will be assigned students to write different types of essays. With the help of an essay assignment, teachers examine the students’ critical, thinking, and analytical skills.

There are different types of essays that your teacher may assign you. Each type of essay has a different purpose in writing, so you must know them before starting your writing phase.

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Main Types of Essay Writing

A good essay should have a clear focus and be interesting enough to persuade or inform people. This is the key to impressive essay writing. There are many different types, such as:


Let’s discuss them in detail.

  • Descriptive Essay
  • A descriptive essay is a piece of writing that provides an in-depth description. This type of writing can be more abstract and creative than most academic essays. In addition, it gives insight into the writer's personal experiences.

    Descriptive essays are a type of creative writing exercise where you have to make your sentence interesting, creative, and vivid for the reader. A good descriptive essay needs in-depth information and discussion on the subject of interest. It should describe it from different angles to give readers something they haven't read about yet.

    The best descriptive essays are written so that the reader can feel what is being described. This piece of writing uses colorful words and sensory details to create an evocative result that will appeal deeply to the reader’s emotions.

    Here is an example that gives you a better idea of the descriptive essay.

    Descriptive Essay Example (PDF)

    Descriptive Essay Example

  • Narrative Essay
  • A narrative essay is a story that combines personal storytelling with an academic argument. This essay allows the writer to make their point by telling a story that has lessons for readers.

    The main aim of writing a narrative essay is to:

    • Demonstrate why you tell this story and why it is important to share.
    • Tell the readers about your personal experience.

    Moreover, the writing style of the narrative essay is more creative than other types. The writer can create any organization they like, and it's up to them how their argument will go down for readers to get what they're trying to say about their point-of-view or situation.

    The first person is the best way to make sure your readers are always engaged. A good narrative essay will also have you drawing conclusions or making personal statements, which can make it top-notch.

    The following is an example that you can use for your help.

    Narrative Essay Example (PDF)

    Narrative Essay Example

  • Expository Essay
  • Expository essays are a great way to demonstrate your knowledge of the essay topic. They don't require an original argument, just an organized and well-focused view on what exactly it is you're trying to explain.

    Expository essays are designed to test your ability and knowledge of a topic. This type of essay is often assigned at high school or college.

    The main purpose of an expository essay is to:

    • Provide clear and logical information about the complex topic.
    • Define something in detail.

    An expository essay is divided into five major categories:

    • Problem-solution essay
    • Process essay
    • Comparison essay
    • Cause and effect essay
    • Descriptive essay

    Also, an expository essay is based on facts, not personal feelings. The writer does not write this essay in the first person.

    Below is an example that will help you in writing the expository essay.

    Expository Essay Example (PDF)

    Expository Essay Example

  • Argumentative Essay
  • An argumentative essay is similar to a persuasive essay, but it is more in-depth. This type of essay is written to convince the reader with strong evidence.

    This type of essay is a great way to make your point about the issue you're interested in. The writer must first develop an argument and then defend their side with solid proof and reasoning. However, this type of essay doesn't just focus on one perspective like a persuasive essay.

    Here is an example of an argumentative essay.

    Argumentative Essay Example (PDF)

    Argumentative Essay Example

  • Persuasive Essay
  • A persuasive essay is one in which you use logic and reasoning to show that your idea stands out. In this type of academic essay, there are three major components:

    • Firstly you must capture your audience's attention with an interesting opening sentence.
    • Secondly, provide relevant examples/data which illustrate what’s being argued.
    • Third, make any claims/arguments using evidence from reliable sources.

    The following persuasive essay example will help you get a better idea of writing this type of essay.

    Persuasive Essay Example (PDF)

    Persuasive Essay Example

  • Cause and Effect Essay
  • In a cause and effect essay, the writer should focus on how one thing impacts another. This type of essay is structured like you first discuss the causes and then their effects.

    Cause and effect structure words allow writers to show the cause-and-effect relationships in their text. They need to be clear which event occurs first, so remember that you want your readers' minds focused on what caused something else rather than just saying "cause" without giving any reason why this happened or who did it happen to.

    The below-given example helps you in writing a great cause and effect essay.

    Cause and Effect Essay Example (PDF)

    Cause and Effect Essay Example

  • Analytical Essay
  • An analytical essay is an essay in which the writer analyzes an issue. Writing this kind of essay isn't about convincing readers of your point of view; instead, you should aim to provide enough analysis so that everyone can understand your argument.

    The main purpose of the analytical essay is to:

    • Define a term
    • Classify the ideas
    • Tell the procedure of the some process

    The best way to keep your readers engaged is not with persuasive language but rather through plenty of analysis.

    The following example shows you how to write a perfect analytical essay.

    Analytical Essay Example (PDF)

    Analytical Essay Example

  • Critical Essay
  • In a critical essay, the writer analyzes, interprets, and evaluates the theme(s) in the text. In this type of essay, you are allowed to claim how particular ideas or themes are conveyed by analyzing primary sources while also evaluating secondary material relevant to your topic.

    A critical essay should enlighten readers on the theme of what was being critiqued. Also, it provides a complete analysis of the consistency of the original author’s work.

    We gathered a great example that helps you write a good critical essay.

    Critical Essay Example (PDF)

    Critical Essay Example

  • Process Essay
  • A process essay is a type of writing that explains how to do something. This type of essay is easy to write and doesn’t need much research. The thesis statement and proper essay format are necessary for this type of essay. Also, all steps of the process are not included in an introduction.

    The numerical order is used to write process essays. This type of essay has qualities similar to technical documents since it's written descriptively.

    Look at this example and write a great process essay.

    Process Essay Example (PDF)

    Process Essay Example

  • Compare and Contrast Essay
  • Compare and contrast essay is another common type of essay. It is based on evaluating the similarities and differences between two subjects.

    For Example: You can compare and contrast two different countries, books, pets, etc., that belong to the same category.

    Look at this example and know about this type of essay in detail.

    Compare and Contrast Essay Example (PDF)

    Compare and Contrast Essay Example

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