Terms of Use | All Policies Explained

  1. 1. Our Terms
    • Agreement - It refers to the term and conditions of the agreement.
    • Website and Company - that is WriteMyEssayFast.net (possessed and worked by Skyscrapers LLC)
    • Customers/Clients - It refers to any individual who puts in a request or orders any project on this site.
    • Request/Order - It is the solicitation from the customer at WriteMyEssayFast.net (claimed and worked by Skyscrapers LLC) for a specific writing service. It indicates the prerequisites of the customer and determinations of the sources to be utilized in the request.
    • Item/Product - It is the consequence of the order/request that the customer gets as indicated by the underlying requirements.
    • Amendment/Revisions - It is the solicitation made by the client to reexamine the last draft dependent on the underlying requirements.
    • Customer Support - It is the organization's primary unit liable for directing the customers in the order process.
    • Writers - They are the individuals utilized by the organization which gives the writing service as indicated by the needs set by the customer.
    • Credit Balance - It refers to the credit on the individual record of the client on the website.
  2. 2. General Terms
  3. By requesting with WriteMyEssayFast.net (possessed and worked by Skyscrapers LLC), you agree to the agreements expressed in this.

    You should be of lawful age to utilize this site. Else, guardians or parents’ management is needed to utilize or put in a request on this site.

    • United Arab of Emirates is our nation of residence.
    • Minors younger than 18 will be restrained to enlist as a User of this site and are not permitted to execute or utilize the site.
    • If you make an installment for our items or administrations on our site, the requirements you are approached to submit will be given straightforwardly to our installment supplier by means of a secured connection.
    • The cardholder should hold a duplicate of exchange records and Merchant strategies and rules.
    • We acknowledge installment claims utilizing Visa and MasterCard credit/charge cards in AED (or some other concurred monetary forms).
    • Any question or case emerging out of or regarding this site will be administered and interpreted as per the laws of the UAE.
  4. 3. Order Process and Registration
    • The request is submitted by taking care of the order structure on the site or reaching the staff group to assist you with the ordering cycle.
    • The order structure indicates the extent of the work, order details, and delivery terms. The client is liable for giving precise data on the order shape or can demand support staff to fill and present the order on his/her benefit.
    • The client is mentioned to make a profile by giving a name, email address, and telephone number. If the contact details change over the long run, it is the client's responsibility to refresh the profile or advise the care staff about the changes.
    • After the effective production of the profile, the client can't make one more profile with various qualifications. The client isn't permitted to make various records, yet the organization can consolidate numerous records into one profile for up to dated buy history.
  5. 4. Order Payment
    • The aggregate sum of the product is determined by the prices provided on the website. The installment ought to be paid ahead of time. The organization will just start the request interaction after the installment is made by the client.
    • The client is permitted to pay half of the half sum while putting in the request and will gain admittance to the encrypted supply of work. The last archive will be submitted after the full installment.
    • Both encrypted reports and the last record can be downloaded by the customer straight by signing in his/her record on the site. The customer is advised by means of text and email when the records are transferred to his/her record.
    • All significant credit and debit cards are acknowledged on our site. The client can likewise utilize the credit equilibrium to pay for orders.
    • In the event of transaction failure, the client should check in case there is a peculiarity with his/her card, online installment limitations, and card legitimacy preceding reaching the care staff.
  6. 5. Order Process
  7. Request/Order Validation - The organization holds the privileges to reevaluate the request subtleties to coordinate with the underlying requirements in the order and some other necessities explicitly given by the client either through visit or call. If there should arise an occurrence of any confound, the care staff will contact to explain and settle and request subtleties.

    • Order Volume - It is estimated in the number of words, as it were. One page (single-dispersed) is equivalent to 600 words, and a twofold divided page is equivalent to 300 words roughly.
    • Change of Order Details - The client can contact the help group in the event of any change with the request. The mentioned changes might impact the volume and intricacy of the paper that straightforwardly impacts the total sum, which will be talked about with the client.
    • Assets/Resources - If a particular source is needed to finish the request, the client should give it to the writer. The client should transfer the source before the writer is doled out and begins dealing with the order.
    • Conveyance/Shipment Policy - Since we offer advanced digital services, there is no genuine transportation or conveyance included. Along these lines, the client won't need to pay any delivery expenses. When the request is finished, we tell the client through email and text, and he could download the finished request by means of his account.
    • The client gives the cutoff time of the request, and as a specialist organization, we accept it as an obligation and put forth a valiant effort to convey the request within the set deadline. The conveyance period might fluctuate from 1-60 days, relying on the prerequisites set by the client.

    • WriteMyEssayFast.net (claimed and worked by Skyscrapers LLC) won't bargain or offer any types of assistance or items to any of OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctions nations as per the law of UAE.
    • Various exchanges might bring about different postings to the cardholder's month-to-month articulation.

Revision Policy:

The organization offers minor changes and modifications if the submitted request and the underlying prerequisites don't coordinate.

  • The organization gives modifications under the accompanying conditions.
  • The client can't change the paper before the modification happens.
  • If no broad agreements are violated.
  • Somewhere around 24 hours ought to be given to deal with the correction demand.
  • Revision can not be handled following 14 days of the underlying request accommodation.

The Use of Product

  • All items and administrations by WriteMyEssayFast.net (possessed and worked by Skyscrapers LLC). are just for reference purposes and ought not to be submitted as the client's own work.
  • The organization holds all copyrights. The client will be considered answerable for any infringement of the organization's agreements.

General Policy

  • The company holds the option to eliminate any substance whatsoever time because of any explanation without giving earlier notice to the client. The client ought not to depend on the substance posted on the site. The data on the site is simply expected to be exhortation and may not be exact.
  • All the site content, brand names, administration imprints, and logos are claimed by WriteMyEssayFast.net (possessed and worked by Skyscrapers LLC). The organization holds every one of the copyrights and other licensed innovation freedoms under the US and unfamiliar laws.
  • If you download material for any of your own utilization, you should hold all copyright and different notification contained in the material. You make a deal to avoid getting to the material by some other means, in any case explicitly approved with us in a written arrangement.
  • You concur that under any conditions, you won't present any material bought on our WriteMyEssayFast.net (possessed and worked by Skyscrapers LLC) as your own work.
  • By submitting your request at WriteMyEssayFast.net (claimed and worked by Skyscrapers LLC), you are buying the item/administration for your own utilization, as it were.
  • The item/product given by the organization might be utilized for reference purposes, as it were.
  • The organization won't be considered liable for any expense related straightforwardly or in a roundabout way with the selection of administrations bought at WriteMyEssayFast.net (claimed and worked by Skyscrapers LLC).
  • The client ought to give appropriate order details and guarantee all the material is given without wasting any time. Inability to give the necessary data can defer the handling of the request, and the organization won't be liable for that.
  • The client is exclusively answerable for keeping up with the secrecy of his/her qualifications (username, secret key).


Clients concur that the organization can alter the agreements written in the arrangement. All progressions will be posted on the site, so it is fitting to really look at the site consistently.